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Business English

The Business English courses are dedicated to companies, employees, professionals and people looking for work who need to improve their level of English for business needs.

We will provide you with the language skills you need to feel confident and fluent in all the typical business situations:

telephone calls




social relations

Helen Connolly - English Teacher

Helen Connolly ►

These courses focus on topics and supporting materials which are specific to the world of work and business.

We provide individual lessons (1-to-1) or small group lessons of maximum 4 students.

Our lessons and courses are provided by qualified English mother tongue teachers. Our method of teaching is the communicative approach.

Courses and lessons are organised to stimulate the curiosity and interaction with the student. The strong emphasis placed on conversation and interesting, up-to-date digital support material (texts, explanations, exercises etc.) make the lessons enjoyable and most importantly effective.

Lessons are customised as much as possible to the specific needs of the individual student or group, focusing on the areas of greatest difficulty (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.).

In the event of group lessons, each student can connect from the place he/she happens to be in. It is not necessary that students travel to a common meeting place. This option is particularly useful for companies with multiple locations or personnel off site. Each student must have a computer and a fast broadband connection (at least 8 Mb/s).

Lessons are available from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday and from 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday (GMT-Dublin time). Please check your corresponding local time at www.timeanddate.com .

The levels

The Business English course is divided into 4 levels with reference to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) .

The corresponding levels BEC (Business English Certificate) are defined by the University of Cambridge ESOL in brackets below:

● Business English Elementary - CEFR A2

● Business English Pre-Intermediate - CEFR B1 (BEC 1 - Preliminary Business)

● Business English Intermediate - B2 CEFR (2 BEC - Vantage Business)

● Business English Advanced CEFR C1 (3 BEC - Business Higher)

The standard duration of each level is 60 hours. The real duration may vary depending on the student’s initial knowledge of English and the speed of student learning.

You can choose the number of lessons you prefer, from a short package of a few hours to a complete course package of sixty hours.

In order to follow with profit the business English lessons, it is necessary to have already completed at minimum the previous General English level. For example, to be able to follow the Pre-Intermediate Business English level (CEFR B1), it is necessary to have already completed at minimum the Elementary General English Level (CEFR A2). For more information on levels, see General English courses .

Services included

The cost of individual lessons or group lessons includes, for each student, the following services:

the placement test to assess the level of English;

the support material used during the lesson: texts, exercises, etc. e-mailed to the student before each lesson;

the final report with the evaluation of results achieved (after at least 20 lessons);

The certificate of course completion/attendance (after at least 20 lessons).

Prices and conditions for English lessons via Skype

Registration is free for all our courses.
Each registered student is offered a free trial lesson of 60 minutes.
During this time a placement test will be carried out to assess the student’s level of English. Following this trial lesson, you can decide if you wish to purchase lessons or not.

Prices and terms of service

Individual lesson prices

Group lesson prices

Payment methods

Lesson materials (e-books, texts)

Technical requirements

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