What is Skype™

Skype™ is a Microsoft software that allows people to make video calls using a normal internet connection.

Skype™ is free and available for all the most common operating systems (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android) and is downloadable for free from www.skype.com.

It is easy to install and can be used immediately.

All you need to use Skype™ for English lessons is a computer or a tablet, preferably equipped with a webcam, so you can view the teacher during the lessons.

If you don’t have a video camera or choose not to use one, it is still possible to speak with the teacher and share the lesson materials on the screen (texts, explanations, exercises etc.).

All information regarding the installation and use of Skype™ is on www.skype.com

Skype™ is a trade mark of Skype (a Microsoft Division) and Helen Connolly is not affiliated, sponsored, authorized or otherwise associated by/with the Skype group of companies.

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